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Boris Johnson New Points Based Immigration System Revealed

For a few years, Boris Johnson has been advocating for an Australian fashion Immigration device for the UK. This device is designed to allocate factors to tightly manage the numbers of migrants coming into the UK.

During this time Boris has been withinside the press and has written articles. That has all strongly hinted at how these factors-primarily based totally devices might paintings. Now Mr. Johnson is a senior member of the Cabinet because the Foreign Secretary can have an excellent deal of have an impact on and might be a part of the decision-making crew who might be tasked with figuring out how the brand new UK immigration device will paintings.

We have determined to have a touch amusing with imagining what should in all likelihood be. So for amusing most effective we consider Boris Johnson’s new factors primarily based totally immigration devices should paintings like this. After analyzing his preceding comments and in step with Mr. Johnson’s very own writing at the problem we’ve got pieced collectively how factors might be provided beneath neath the brand new scheme. We have additionally taken into consideration his recognition for being a women’s man!

It comes as no wonder that the Australian PM has warmly greeted Mr. Johnson’s appointment as he’ll absolute confidence see this as a super show off for Australian immigration management and the way their factors device works effectively. Let us offer a touch heritage to the Australian factors primarily based totally device.

Points are provided as follows:

  • Age – Up to forty-five years vintage someone gets factors for age
  • Qualification – The better the qualification the greater factors provided
  • Experience – over eight years revel in convey most factors on this section • Family links – extra factors may be provided
  • Languages – English brings the finest variety of factors even as a 2nd language also can upload factors
  • Profession – A person’s abilities ought to be in call for at a State and or federal level To qualify to post a utility someone ought to stable 60 factors as a minimum.

We have in comparison the Australian factors standards to the ones we believe Boris Johnson would really like to award factors, to permit someone to go into the UK:

  • Age 18-35 – most factors and single
  • 36-24-36 are the most factors Boris might be awarded for presentation
  • Profession – up to twenty Points are provided in case you are too wealthy to paintings
  • 10 Bonus factors are provided for absolutely everyone who can navigate important London on a push motor motorcycle and live alive
  • Final 50 factors are made for absolutely everyone who likes Michael Gove

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